13 May 2016

Dear Parents

Action is the foundational key to all success.

Pablo Picasso

We are all delighted with the news that Demetria has arrived safely in the arms of Annie and Dave Hill.  Teacher Annie reports that their daughter is a delightful, contented little person who they are totally in love with!  We all wish Annie and Dave the blessings and joy that come with being a parent.

My hearty congratulations to all involved in the first Applewood Harvest Festival and Tru-Cape Trail Run.  We enjoyed wonderful support for the market and over 200 runners registered for the two runs.  I would like to thank Mrs Catherine Boome and Mrs Juanita Strachan in particular for their drive, attention to detail, time commitment and energy in ensuring the success of the day.  Both mums were well supported by the PA committee and the Applewood staff without whom none of Saturday's fun would have been possible.

Much has been said about the weather on the day - and it was not the best the valley can provide; but I do wonder how our water system would have coped in good weather so maybe it was a blessing in disguise.

Some of the numbers:

•  95 - the number of runner who ran the 11km trail run

• 101 - the number of runners who braved the weather for the 5km run

• R105 000 - the total profit from stalls, gate receipts, entry fees and vendor charges

• R11,016.50 - profit from the pre-primary stalls

• R3,110.70 - raised by the Grade 1 stall

• R2,180.00 - profit from the efforts of the Grade 2 stall

• R5,000.00 - made by Grade 3

• R4,318.00 - the number contributed by Grade 4

• R10,020.00 - from the most popular stall on the day - Grade 5

• R1,805.00 - from those delicious bacon and egg rolls of Grade 6

• R4,228.00 - the contribution to the fiscus from the Grade 7 stall

• - the number of sponsors of R5000 or more

• 5 - the number of sponsors of up to R4000

• 22 - those folk who donated prizes or services to the day

• 49 - the individuals who were directly involved in setting up and administering the day

• Priceless - the impact of the publicity, exposure and "geesbou" for the Applewood community

To matters of a more sombre nature.  Thank you to all parents for your patience and support while we have been understaffed and under pressure administratively due to the events in Grabouw this past week.  I do apologise for any inconvenience caused by any late or delayed communication as we have plugged gaps, re-scheduled sports matches and coped without some teachers and two of our three admin staff.  My thanks to all the teachers and Mrs Kruger who have covered so many areas, especially to Micaela Dramat our maternity cover teacher aid, who agreed to start three weeks early to help us out.

This cannot have been an easy week for all those involved in what unfolded in our valley this past week.  I have no doubt there are unseen strings being tugged in what is clearly both a political stunt but also a humanitarian disaster.  I am sure you join me in wishing for a speedy and peaceful resolution to the situation.

Enjoy your weekend and if you are travelling, do so safely.

Mr B

Pre-Primary News

What a week it's been! Saying goodbye to teacher Annie, welcoming Marisa Malan as maternity cover in Grade R (seen here with teacher Rachel), and having to manage without our highly valued Busy Bees teachers, Helen and Luyanda.

We have been very grateful for the help of teacher Micaela Dramat, who has been appointed as Mrs Minnie's maternity replacement, and very kindly agreed to start on Wednesday, to assist us in Busy Bees.

This week, even with all the outside disruption, the pre-primary has been buzzing with activity.

In the Applepips, we have been learning about different homes, where the highlight of the week was building different homes just like The Three Little Pigs. We huffed and puffed, but unfortunately failed to blow them down.

In Busy Bees our theme has been Chefs. We have made a chocolate cake and each designed our own plate of yummy food. We have also been looking at the importance of rhyme, and attempting to find words that rhyme with things in our class.

Rhyming is a vital skill in assisting the children in learning to read next year. We would like to encourage all parents to make a concerted effort to read as many rhyming books (like Julia Donaldson and Dr Seuss) as possible with their little ones.

In Clever Cats this week, we have been exploring the police theme. It was a week of taking fingerprints, creating badges and uniforms and constructing police stations. We are so aware of the important role the police play in our community.

Photos: Our Pre-Primary children having fun while learning!

Netball Tour


During the past long weekend our Senior Netball girls (Adean Pietersen, Abigail Surridge,  Courtney de Wet, Megan McGregor, Yvernne Myburgh, Hannah-Simone Lubbe,  Mpho Ntshweni and Alexcia Beaumont) went on tour to Knysna where they attended the Annual Netball Festival hosted by Sport at Backward Point.

Under the guidance of international coach and referee, Reg Sharp, the girls were exposed to a number of important netball skills and the most up to date rules of the game.  A fair amount of discipline was required during approximately 15 challenging matches against some of the best primary school teams in the Western Cape.

We felt spoilt by our local sponsor, Pro Care (who also makes our school uniform), as they provided each of the girls with a smart netball shirt.  Not only did they look smart in their new attire but, they also played smartly! A noticeable change in match strategy and individual on-court commitment could be noticed at the end of the festival.  Well done, ladies!

Please feel free to join us for assembly on Monday 16 May for a full report-back and netball movie which will be presented by the girls.  Mrs Steyn.

News from the PA

Harvest Festival

Just a quick shout out of thanks to all the parents and staff of Applewood for all of your help and support that went a very long way to make the inaugural Applewood Harvest festival and Tru-Cape Trail Running Challenge a resounding success. Besides the fundraising achievement, it really was a successful collaboration of energy from each and every parent and staff member – so thank you all.

 Word on the ground has it that this needs to be an annual event, so please can you send any constructive feedback or ideas for future events to me on catherineboome@gmail.com.  

Catherine Boome

JP Fluckliger from Pringle Bay who ran in the 11km Tru-Cape Trail Running Challenge. He is pictured with the Tru-Cape race mascots – Topsy Red, Danny Smith and Perry Packham. The pic is by Brian Berkman.



Start date: Wednesday 18th May (class times will be confirmed once I have names)

Age group: Grade R all the way to Grade 7

Fees: R320 per month for a 45 minute lesson –sibling discounts are available

If you would like your child (both boys and girls are welcome) to come and have some fun on the dance floor – please send me your name, age, Grade at Applewood to taryn2vz@gmail.com or contact me on 082 301 4362 if you have any further questions. PLEASE NOTE NEW EMAIL ADDRESS IF YOU HAVE MADE CONTACT WITH ME WITHOUT A RESPONSE PLEASE EMAIL TO THE NEW ADDRESS.


Cottage/House To Rent

Liezelotte vd Merwe our Grade 3 teacher is looking for a place to live in the Grabouw/Elgin area.  Preferably a cottage/ 1-2 bedroom house to rent in a safe area.