29 July 2016


Dear Parents

“I have seen many storms in my life. Most storms have caught me by surprise, so I had to learn very quickly to look further and understand that I am not capable of controlling the weather, to exercise the art of patience and to respect the fury of nature.”

Paulo Coelho

It seems the Cape has FINALLY decided to show us her true colours and let the Brady family experience a bit of wet winter weather.  My feet are growing webs, I’m quite sure, and the Jimmy Rawbone-Viljoen sports field just won’t drain.  It has meant that sports practises and matches have been quite disrupted.  Thank you all for your patience and support in these wet and cold conditions.

We aren’t the only school struggling to keep fields playable.  There is a good chance the hockey tomorrow at Curro Hermanus will be cancelled due to the rain.  The boys played their first rugby fixture of the term at Somerset House on Wednesday afternoon in conditions that could best be described as ideal for little boys but not so for washing machines. 

Somerset House were most gracious in hosting us at 7’s level and allowing us to play their “B” sides.  Consequently, most of the games were close, well-contested affairs in which our boys did themselves proud on their limited (in some cases no) practise opportunities.  The U7s enjoyed a handsome win, the U9s and U11s both lost in exciting games by four tries to three and the U13s won quite easily.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to two class activities this week.  The Clever Cats were working on manners as a theme and Mrs Malan had introduced table manners for the day.  The class was set out in a formal sit-down arrangement and chicken burgers were on the menu.  I was served by the most delightful group of little people, being offered, most politely (and each one separately) a roll, tomato, lettuce, a burger patty and tomato sauce.  I was instructed how to sit, how to use my serviette and how to chew my food politely.  I was put off my stride a little when some juice was offered to be “thrown” into a cup for me.  My plate was cleared (after permission asked) and I was offered pudding – what a delight – and clearly Mrs Malan has the manners theme well wrapped up!

The second activity was to observe the Grade 5 group performances of “The Jabberwocky.” And how well acted and remembered each of the group’s performances were.  Mrs T has worked wonders with the children!

Appointment of new Head

We have narrowed the list of candidates down to 15 possibles (out of 31 applicants).  The initial shortlisted applicants are currently engaged in responding to a questionnaire after which the appointments committee will evaluate their responses and together with the CV’s individually rank the applicants.  The committee will then meet next week to decide on a shortlist for first round interviews.

School Gate

Thank you for your patience as we refine the working of the gate.  Please note there is a “loop” about 5 – 6m from the gate which will break a magnetic field and open the gate automatically as you exit.  Please make sure you drive your care over the loop (it will be more visible once painted when the rain allows).  If you miss the loop, the gate won’t open.  It is on the left hand side.  

Wednesday, 3 August

Please remember this Wednesday has been declared a public holiday and school will be closed for voting.

School Fees

A gentle reminder that school fees need to be paid, in full and on time.  Thank you to all of you that do so.  As with all personal and business finances, we have bills and salaries to pay – and it makes it so much easier to do when cash is in the bank!

As with any issue at school, if there are problems, please talk to us – it makes it so much easier to manage when we know what’s going on.

Enjoy the weekend – and stay dry!  Excuse my smugness when I enjoy the Lions semi-final this weekend…


Mr B





Grade 1

Emily Norman

Klara Schoonraad

Sarah Brannekamper

Grade 2

Zoë de Wet

Olivia Boome

Grade 3

No awards


Grade 4

No awards

Grade 5

No awards

Grade 6

No awards

Grade 7

No awards



What would you like to learn to do?   

Sarah:    I would like to learn how to swim with dolphins.                  

Klara:      I would like to learn how to make things out of clay.                        

Emily:     I would like to learn how to catch a snake.                                       

Zoë:        I would like to learn how to play guitar and drums.              

Olivia:     I would like to meet a famous artist and for he or she teach me lots of art.


Another week done and dusted.  Definitely a challenging week as our very necessary outdoor time was limited due to the rain.  Although, we are very grateful for the blessing of rain, and know that our farmers are loving it.

In Apple Pips this week, we explored all sorts of different birds. We focused on our fine-motor skills, whilst smearing our bird feeders and rolling little eggs.

The Busy Bees had a fun week discussing insects, spiders and other creepy crawly mini beasts. We put our artistic talents to use, making lovely green caterpillars and beautiful butterflies. We also used play dough, whilst kneading and rolling and exploring various shapes. We look forward to continuing with this fun theme next week, especially our outing to Butterfly World!

"Serious concentration taking place"

This week the Clever Cats had an exciting week experiencing and exploring the season of winter. 
We also had a practical lesson on table etiquette by enjoying a meal together. Cheers to good table manners Clever Cats!

Have a blessed, even if rainy weekend.

The Pre-Primary Team

Mandela Day at Applewood

For our annual Mandela Day the Grade 6 and 7 children made soup and the Grade 4 and 5 children knitted scarves and beanies.  The Foundation Phase children may sandwiches. This will be given to Siphila Sonke Charity today.


Assistance with homework for Grades 1-5

· Remedial English lessons for Grades 1-5.

· Babysitting on weekends for Grades 000-5


For more information please contact

Kedife Mosweu - (KD)
084 588 9817


Offered at school by Fleur van den Hoogen

For enquiries regarding singing lessons, piano lessons and recorder lessons, please phone:

076 272 6363 or email fleur.vdhoogen@swellendamtours.co.za


Taryn Van Zyl is a fully qualified Hip Hop and Modern dance teacher through the TDA as well as  a Hip Hop examiner and consultant. She has started Hip Hop Lessons at Applewood in May 2016 and so far the kids love it!

Classes are in the Applewood Hall on a Wednesday afternoon:

Grade R, Grade 1 & Grade 2: 14h15 – 15h00

Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5: 15h15 – 16h00

(Available to teach up to Grade 7 if there is an interest)

 Fees: R320 per month for a 45 minute lesson –sibling discounts are available

If you would like your child (both boys and girls are welcome) to come and have some fun on the dance floor, even if they just want to try out one lesson – please send your name, age, Grade at Applewood to taryn2vz@gmail.com or contact Taryn on 082 301 4362 if you have any further questions.



• Uniform shop open Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 07:45-13:00.

• Please remember to use your MySchool card to help raise funds for our school. Herewith the link to apply online – if you don’t have a card:  https://www.myschool.co.za/supporter/apply/