4 November 2016 


Dear Parents

“Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot.”

Clarence Thomas

With the year slowly drawing to an end and teachers preparing for end of year exams/assessments, I recently came across the following:

We will not be cancelling exams any time soon, however, if was quite interesting to be reminded of how important good manners and respect are viewed in some eastern countries.  In fact, China’s minister of Education has recently announced that from primary school onwards, Chinese children will start receiving lessons in the art of queuing, good table manners, how to respect their elders and the correct way to write letters, emails and even send SMS messages.

Older children will be tutored in the arts of introducing oneself to strangers, dealing politely with members of the opposite sex, making public speeches and the rudiments of dealing with foreigners.

I think you would agree with me if I said that manners and respect are the cornerstones of any child’s development.  Manners are constantly changing form one century or one generation to the next.  Nevertheless, certain manners do survive from one decade to the next, and this is because manners make life easier for everybody.  It all comes down to three important ideas:  custom, consideration and common sense.  These are the basic ideas we want to teach our children when we are trying to instil good manners. 

Knowledge is of course very important.  Testing…  Exams….  Results…., however, is it something perhaps worth exploring and thinking about?  Are we as parents, teachers and members of society spending enough time teaching our children and expecting them to use good manners and respect…?

Curriculum update

The Applewood team have been working hard on creating a clearer, updated and better structured curriculum.  We are currently refining our hard work and we are looking forward to publish it all in due time.

Pre-Primary Concert

A big congratulations to the Pre-Primary team on their successful concert ‘Beautiful Creatures’.  Thank you to all the parent support that was offered and the effort that was put into making the performances a success.


A polite reminder to keep your eye on the calendar.  We would like to remind you of some exciting events:

The Senior Cultural Evening on Wednesday, 9 November at 18:00

The Pre-Primary Sports Day on Friday, 11 November at 10:00

The Inter-House Cross Country on Friday, 11 November at 12:00

The weather seems promising this weekend, so have a great one!

Mrs Rostron 

Social Media

Parents may face devastating consequences by posting seemingly
innocent photographs of their children on social media

- Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr

Please click on link here: Social Media to view article.




Grade 1

Fae Walker

Carla van Wyk

Gemma Klaaste

Klara Schoonraad

Angel Moagi

Grade 2

Anya de Villiers

Isaac House

Gabriella Kershaw

Grade 3

Liv Gordon

Tiaan de Kock


Grade 4

Daniël van Wyk

Isabella Pritchett

Joshua Hickson

Benjamin English

Lara Myburgh

Nico Murphy

Grade 5

Simon Truter

Anika Venter

Quinn O’Keefe Easton

Emma Green

Arden du Plessis

James Hendricks

Grade 6

Niclaas Schoonraad

Wickus Lambrechts

Enzo Chanu

Oliver Pritchett

Grade 7

Mpho Ntshweni

Megan Mc Gregor

Abigail Surridge

Courtney de Wet



 What is your favourite insect and why?

Gemma: Absent
Carla: Grasshopper, because they are green.
Klara: Butterfly, because their wings are beautiful.
Angel: Grasshoppers, because they jump all the time.
Fae: Butterflies, because it's beautiful.

Gabby: Bees. They save our planet by getting pollen from flowers instead of killing them, even if they can sting us.
Anya: Dragonflies
Isaac: Assanbug, just because the name is epic.
Tiaan: Ant lion for many reasons because it's interesting and part of the little five.
Liv: Butterfly, because it's colourful.


Dogs at Applewood

Friendly request to please keep dogs on a leash if you bring them to school. 

Grade 2 Butterfly World Outing 


We would like to make an appeal to our parent and learner bodies as we near the end of the school year and approach the festive season with the anticipation of the joy giving and gratitude of receiving to consider our support staff.

Bongile, Phemla, Marshley, Helena, Joline, Zanekhaya and Fikile serve as our caretakers, cleaners and gardeners. They are always willing to assist with the preparations of functions as well.

We would like to give each a Christmas hamper and ask if you would kindly give an item of non-perishable food like sugar, tea, coffee, tinned food, starches, etc. Please give to the class teacher.

If each family donated only two items, we could make a really generously filled hamper for each of them!

Thank you for your support!

Old Mac Daddy - Restaurant

Join us every Sunday for a lovely afternoon out in the beautiful Elgin countryside. 

We'll be serving a delicious spit braai lunch at R195 per person (adults) and R95 for kids under 12. An alternative kids menu is also available.

Booking is essential so to reserve your spot for a family funday or for more info please call


Lunch starts from noon every Sunday.



Taryn Van Zyl is a fully qualified Hip Hop and Modern dance teacher through the TDA as well as  a Hip Hop examiner and consultant. She has started Hip Hop Lessons at Applewood in May 2016 and so far the kids love it!

Classes are in the Applewood Hall on a Wednesday afternoon:

Grade R, Grade 1 & Grade 2: 14h15 – 15h00

Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5: 15h15 – 16h00

(Available to teach up to Grade 7 if there is an interest)

 Fees: R320 per month for a 45 minute lesson –sibling discounts are available

 If you would like your child (both boys and girls are welcome) to come and have some fun on the dance floor, even if they just want to try out one lesson – please send your name, age, Grade at Applewood to taryn2vz@gmail.com or contact Taryn on 082 301 4362 if you have any further questions.



2 Bedroom House available from the 1st of December near Applewood.

Open plan lounge & kitchen.

R4000/month including water excluding electricity (prepaid meter system).

Call Michelle on 082 4720047


• Uniform shop open Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 07:45-13:00.

• Please remember to use your MySchool card to help raise funds for our school. Herewith the link to apply online – if you don’t have a card:  https://www.myschool.co.za/supporter/apply/