9 May 2017 

This week started with an amazing assembly run by the Grade 2 class. It explored the impact of one person on others with particular reference to kindness. Each of us can make a difference. Children were challenged to do at least one act of kindness each day - I encourage you to do the same.

I was very proud to be associated with this fine country school this weekend; The Harvest Festival was a resounding success. A wonderful team effort which involved the entire Applewood community. An event to be proud of which showcased our school, as well as the beautiful Valley we live in. Congratulations and thank you to the organisers, Juanita Strachan, Catherine Boome, Gideon Schoonraad and the various class representatives, who coordinated this quite remarkable occasion. For a small school such as ours to host such a professionally run event is truly remarkable. The trail run went off smoothly and certainly attracted some fine performances. The new layout of the Harvest Festival was wonderfully intimate and created a warm and friendly ambience. The culinary delights on offer was of a very high standard and the entertainment was out of the top drawer. Children were well entertained and an enjoyable day was had by all. Thank you to the large number of parents who were involved and gave of their time and expertise, without you such an event could not happen. A huge thank you to our wonderful sponsors who continue to support us so generously. The Harvest Festival is unique and is set to grow from strength to strength.

We look forward to Founders Day on Friday. I trust that you have received an invitation and we look forward to a wonderful celebration. Please note that due to staff development school will close straight after Founders Day at 12:00 and there will be no aftercare (with the exception of the Apple Blossoms). The topic the staff will be covering at staff development is developing a hurt free school. We look forward to unpacking this idea and listening to an expert in the field, Mr Simon Weaver.

I am privileged enough to be participating in Sani2c this week. It is a wonderful platform to make connections and share ideas with an amazingly large number of heads who are riding this year. Please contact your relevant HOD should the need arise.

Have a wonderful week.

Sam Hamman


Grade 7 M2C

Grade 7 feedback from the trip:

I am very sad that I could not do most of it, but I loved the canoeing. My favourite memory was walking around Infanta, while nobody other than us were there. I learnt that whether what I do is easy or difficult, I can do it. I also learnt that I am going to miss my class when I go to high school as we work really well as a team when it matters. Joshua

My favourite part about mountain to coast was the hike on day one. It was so much fun and there were many things to do and see. I never would have thought that I would not push my bike up any of the hills, I am so proud of myself! One thing that I learnt about my class is that they are really fun and supportive. Alexcia Beaumont

My favourite part is when we were canoeing and when we took a break and an ostrich attacked us. It was so funny when we all rushed away to the water. What I learned about myself is that I was more capable than I thought I was especially with my wrist brace on. What I learned about my class was they are all strong individuals but as a team, they can do anything. Wickus

My best M2C memory was cycling at Cape Infanta and playing cops and robbers. What I learnt about myself is that I can cycle further than I thought I could. What I learnt about my class is that when it comes to teamwork the class can work together. Stephen

My favourite part of Mountain to coast is when we went paddling and we saw the ostrich. I learned that nothing is impossible, and you must just push through. I learned from my class is to never give up. Sebs

My favourite part was when we paddled along the Breede River. It was hard but really fun. I had the best partner and we did great teamwork throughout the awesome paddle even though it was 10 km it. I’ve learned that I can do more than I thought. I can and always believe in myself that I can do it and I’ve also learned that I shouldn’t think about myself but also about others. My class it the best because even in the hardest times on Mountain to coast they never gave up. Jaden Hendricks

The end of M2c was for me the best time because we cycled to Infanta. It was a long journey but we made it to the shop where we had to give some artwork we had made. Then we cycled 2km more and we got to Infanta. So we had champagne and threw the water out our bottles and then we had fun. What did I learn about myself? I learnt that you must not give up and keep trying your best to complete your goals. What did I learn about my class? Even through the toughest of times our class has each other’s back. Reichen-Ronn

My best memory of M2C was when we encountered the highest hill on the second day of cycling, and I was able to climb the hill with ease.What I learnt about myself was that if I put my mind to something I can do anything because mind over matter is the strongest thing you have in your body; you can accomplish anything when you have this.I learnt many things from my class but one stood out like a backpack on a bird, my class might not be the fittest but are willing to persevere through the challenge. Oliver

My favourite part of the trip was when we played cops and robbers at Infanta. It was so fun we could drive through people’s gardens and we would not get in trouble because we were the only people in town. After M2C, I learnt that I was much more capable than I thought I was and I know now that I can push myself to the limit and keep on going. I learnt that our class is a lot different than it seems. We do not give up and we power through everything! Nic

I learnt that I could push myself beyond my expectations. My memories will last forever because my leg is scared forever in a good way. My favourite part of M2C was Infanta just walking around playing cops and robbers. I love that the class helps a lot and cares a lot and the best of all is that I LOVE THEM ALL.  Enzo

My favourite part of M2C was when we paddled. It was quite hard but it was nice and we laughed a lot. The paddle was 10kms. We had three in a canoe which made it heavier and more difficult. I learnt that I can be more kind, and I can help people. I also learnt not to be so rude and naughty. What I learnt about my class is that even if they are not so fit they will still go through the cycle, never give up and they help each other a lot. Jason

A huge thank you to our sponsors:  Haygrove, Era Designs, Grabouw Tractor Spares, Lazena Chicken and anonymous donations.  

We would also like to thank the staff that went on M2C. Mr and Mrs Hamman, Mr and Mrs Moodie and Mrs Tuttelberg.


Cross Country League

Our first league took place in Strand on the beach.  The children had a wonderful first experience.


Grade 3 Eco Walk

A huge thanks to Sita Veitch and Liesl Rust for arranging the amazing 10km Grade 3 Eco Adventure walk at Paul Cluver. It was a truly wonderful day.




Congratulations to our 11 Club-L Avengers - winners of the Library Club Reading Competition. 

These top readers will now be given the opportunity to use their reading skills to help other children to become more avid readers. 

Ariane de Villiers, Fiona Boome, Emma Beukes, Kara Smith, Emma Green, Ypke Roose-Vandenbroucke, Ashe Walker, Isabella Pritchett, Sophia Fitzhenry, Annabelle van Almenkerk, (Amelia Kilpin is absent).






3/2-Bedroom house with garage and security to rentfor a long lease from June 2017 for 2 people. Must be pet friendly and somehow contained for our dogs. 


Please call Mike Rossi on 0832604632 or email info@tangleberrycottage.co.za



I am looking for a house to rent in Grabouw.  

Please contact Ms Manuel on 0738334888 if you have anything available.


House Share Available

Big, beautiful farm house on a working wine farm only 6km from the N2 & 7.5km from Grabouw. Lovely gardens and lots of space. Looking for a single professional person, between the ages of 28 & 35. Non-smoker. Must love animals as I have 3 dogs but unfortunately no pets allowed.

Please contact Charmaine for more information. 0848700809.



• Uniform shop times:  Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 07:45-13:00.

• Please remember to use your MySchool card to help raise funds for our school. Herewith the link to apply online – if you don’t have a card:  https://www.myschool.co.za/supporter/apply/