1 December 2017

Prize Giving Speech 2017

Good evening ladies and gentlemen.

Welkom na ons prys uitdeeling vanaand. Ons kinders het vanjaar hard gewerk en ons is baie trots op elk een van hulle.   

My task this evening has three components. First to report back on what has been a wonderful year, second to speak to what is in store for us next year; and third to leave a message for the Grade 7 class as they enter the wonderfully exciting world of high school.

What a privilege it is to be involved in education today. To witness the development of children each day, and to know the impact that we have, is both an honour and a tremendous responsibility. The face of Education is constantly changing and we are preparing children for a world of work that has not yet been dreamed of.

It is off that premise that we ventured into 2017. The Kilembe Tree formed the basis of our theme for the year. The focus on was on Respect, initiative, Grit, compassion, self-control and integrity. The attributes one needs to formulate meaningful relationships, communicate well and be successful in life. Our children have taken this on board so intimately. The clearest manifestation of this is in the numerous random acts of kindness that we have seen during the year.  

The school year started with 167 children and closes tomorrow with a compliment of 182 children. We welcomed the Apple Blossom class in July and we are set to start 2018 with 200 children in our classrooms. Such positive growth bodes well for the future.

The year was filled with highlights of which the following just scrape the surface:

The Enviro Challenge was introduced, mountain biking and trail running have become part of our sporting program, a number of very successful excursions took place; the Harvest Festival and trail run was an amazing success; the talent show and night relay were introduced; we hosted an inter-schools cross-country meeting; the senior cultural evening and fashion show was an exceptional evening showcasing our confident and talented children.

Our children achieved excellence in the classroom, on the sports field, on the stage and even outside of school.     

Next year we look forward to the eminent arrival of the swimming pool; the introduction of tennis; the development and of the Pre-Primary playground; the building of additional teaching space for the Blossoms; the revamping of the sports program; a strong focus on collaborative teaching and other staff enrichment programs; the development of a code of ethics designed by our entire community.

I certainly can’t wait! 

This year we say goodbye to Mrs Aplas-Hill. Annie’s innovative approach and wonderful way with children will be missed. Marisa Malan takes over as Pre-Primary Head of Department and we wish her all the best in this new challenge. We welcome two new faces to our staff next year. In Grade 4 we welcome Ilne Pretorious and in the Blossoms class a new assistant Quizelle de Villiers.   

I would like to take this opportunity to make a few thank you’s. A successful year such as this is never possible without the effort of good people. I would like to thank the council for their unrelenting support, guidance and friendship. Our teaching staff are amazing and have handled the challenges of new leadership with aplomb – thank you for allowing me to move you out of your comfort zones at times and for your wonderful enthusiasm. Our children are extremely lucky to have such dedicated and able educators. Mrs Kruger and Mrs Luden operate in the engine room of the school – I thank them for all that they do and the manner in which they have keep me in check. Our auxiliary staff often go unnoticed – I appreciate the work which is done to keep our school looking as good as it does.

Boys and girls I would like you to use the holiday to sit down with mum and dad and thank them for everything they do for you. They give of their time and energy both at home and at school to help make it the place that it is. Thank you mums and dads for your generous support. I would like to thank you boys and girls for making my first year at Applewood so special. You are the first group of children that I have had the privilege of being a Headmaster for. You will always hold a special place in my heart.

Thank you to my wife Robs – you have been amazing. It has been a steep learning curve and you have had to make a number of sacrifices. I appreciate your unwavering love and support.

To the Grade 7 class of 2017. What an amazing bunch of human beings! I am reminded of possibly my most favourite movie of all time – The Dead Poets Society. It is the story of a teacher who through poetry managed to capture the soul of a group of young men. These young men were tied up by the system; stuck in the bounds of rules, regulations and conventional thought. They were bored with life, hapless and unmotivated. This amazing teacher broke all the rules and challenged the status quo - He guided them into independent thought and awakened their minds in ways in which they never thought possible.

A line from the movie is, ‘Carpe Diem’, which, roughly translated, means - Sieze the Day. My message to you Grade 7’s is exactly that. Seize the day – grab hold of every opportunity that comes into your path and hold on with both hands. Don’t limit yourself in any way – if you can think it – IT IS POSSIBLE!

I thank you.

Sam Hamman 


Pre-Primary Assembly and Grade R Graduation


Pre-Primary Sports Day


The PA sponsored a few bright new toys for the aftercare facility.  This will keep our little ones busy for hours. Thank you.


Pre-Primary Concert - Joseph and his Dreamcoat

Grade R drawings of the concert 



Having fun in class


Dear Applewood parents and children

On behalf of Siphila Sonke, many, many thanks for your kindness and generosity in donating the beautifully wrapped and decorated shoe boxes, filled with exciting and useful things, for the children of the Siphila Sonke Kids Club, this Christmas. The Christmas party is an occasion that the children look forward to with much anticipation and excitement. Each child will receive a shoe box gift, made by you, from Father Christmas, at the Christmas party at the Imizamo Church complex, on the 6th December.

The Christmas party is the culmination of the Siphila Sonke Kids Club year. The Siphila Sonke Kids Club runs each day of the week after school for children from the community. By offering these children the opportunity to develop better maths, reading and computer skills, as well as have in fun with art and music activities, we are endeavouring to improve abilities and confidences, promoting the chances of improved circumstances in life.

Applewood’s support for Siphila Sonke over the years has been wonderful and greatly appreciated. Your outreach to children who have very few opportunities and pleasures in life, means a lot. Any volunteers wanting to assist and get involved with this programme will be very welcome.

With kind regards and a happy and blessed Christmas to you all.

Jenny Kilpin

On behalf of the Siphila Sonke committee



The children produced fabulous projects on insects. We wrapped up the module by visiting Butterfly World where they could see insects in a tropical environment.



Family Camp at Sanddrif


Building Scarecrows for the veggie garden




GRADE 4 & 5

TIP projects and building of the obstacle course.






Groenberg Species Count

As revision for the exams we went to collect fynbos in the Groenlandberg so that we could identify the plants in class.


Wine Bottling at Iona

Last week we went to Iona to bottle the wine we stomped in January. We then watched the other bottles being filled, capped and labeled. Back at school we designed and printed our own lables Thanks to Rozy and Andrew Gunn from Iona for supporting our project



Digging Holes at Strand Beach

Try digging a 5ft by 5ft hole in the beach it requires careful thought where to dig your hole, working our the least windy spot and plenty of Grit. Well done to all the diggers! 

Day Three of the Green Mountain Eco Trail

To end the term we were priviledged to be able to hike from Paul Cluver Wine Estate to Wildekrans Country House. Five hours out in our amazing Kogelberg Biosphere. Thank you to Evan Kortjie - Educational Officer and Alison Green from the Green Mountain Trail.



Enjoying their last camp at Bokbaai - West Coast



All 22 Club-L Avengers (Top Readers) went on an excursion to see the breathtaking Transformers Exhibition at Grand West Casino.


Fun during PE lesson






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