23 February 2018

Dear Parents

“Friendship is the comfort of knowing that even when you feel alone, you aren’t.” Unknown

It has been a very productive fortnight indeed. I would like to express my gratitude for the amazing day I had at school yesterday. I was thoroughly spoilt and made to feel very special. From the handmade cards to the thoughtful gifts, I was truly blessed. 

Last week we celebrated friendship day. This is a day where our children get the opportunity to arrive at school in civvies and spend the day focusing on friendship. Lessons took on this theme and part of the day included a time where senior children were paired up with junior children to read a book together. This half an hour is such a special bonding time and was once again cherished by all involved. The mood was very well captured by Mrs Steyn and her camera.

On Wednesday afternoon we enjoyed a visit from Pembroke House School in Kenya. They are currently on a tour of the Cape with their U13 boys and girls. We were the fourth school in their itinery and we played a T20 cricket match as well as a girl’s hockey match against them. Our boys bowled very well to limit the strong opposition to 130 runs. We went in to bat, a little over confident perhaps, and found ourselves 5 wickets down in only 8 overs. Joshua and Jack then stepped in to steady the ship with a solid 44 run partnership. The remaining batsmen did well to see through the overs and take their tally to just over 100 runs. A great lesson in patience and focus. The girls found the going tough against a well-versed and tough opposition. Our goalkeeper, Immanuela stepped up to the plate and made a telling difference. The final score after a strong fight was 4 – 0. Perhaps the highlight of the whole experience was the interaction of the boys and girls that followed. Our children are incredibly skilled at making others feel welcome and I received a number of very positive comments from touring parents and teachers about the good manners of our children. They loved our school. It is wonderful to engage with new and different schools and to see how similar we all are.

Discipline workshops have been run with both our Junior Primary and Senior Primary phases. The children impressed me with their insightful opinions and especially the strategies they came up with. These ideas have been factored into the policy which has been written and will be implemented over the next few weeks. This process starts with a staff workshop and is followed by introduction of the policy document to each class and all parents. I look forward to implementing this really progressive policy and trust that it will have a positive impact on our school.

The Apple Rockers music concert takes place on 8 March. Bring a picnic blanket and come and join us on the lawn for a fun filled evening celebrating the talents of our music department. Please see the event details in the poster below.

The water crisis continues to impact sport in our school. We have therefore decided to arrange fixtures independently. We will keep you informed as we are able to confirm fixtures.

As part of our ongoing drive from good to great we will be executing a number of exciting staff development initiatives. Examples of these include:

• Teacher visits to carefully selected schools to observe excellent teaching and to share ideas. 

• We host Mrs Margie Odell from 6 March. She is an inspirational educator who has a passion for sharing practical and effective teaching ideas.

• Teachers will be attending a variety of coaching clinics and workshops.

I would like to thank the teachers for their enthusiasm to develop themselves and add value to the service they provide to our children.

Planning for the Harvest Market and Trail run is moving along well. Keep your eyes open for news in this regard. This is a wonderful community builder and I urge you to get involved in any way you can.

I look forward to watching our children participating in the Xterra this afternoon.

Have a wonderful weekend.  

Sam Hamman 


Last Friday the 16th of February the Grade 7's organised a "Red Carpet" Friendship dance. It was a wonderful success and everyone had a blast. Well done Grade 7's!!


Comforting the "crying baby" - outside sand and water play - outdoor literacy


Enjoying a day at the dam.


Learning a new maths concept is so much easier when you are playing a game! Grade 2 kids learning how to regroup tens to the tens column. 





A great big THANK YOU to Mrs Van Wyk from Dennegeur farm for donating  the wonderful apple crates for the Grade 3 garden.  We are looking forward to a year of fruitfulness.




In die oggend staan ek op

In my lyf voel ek ‘n skop

Ek gaan nou my vriende groet

Hulle laat voel my altyd goed


Tydens koor gaan ons sing

Dans, speel en sommer spring

Pouse eet ons lekker brood

Dan voel ek nie meer so dood


In kuns is ek kreatief

Daarvoor is ek baie lief

Daarom staan ek in die oggend op

Met ‘n opgewonde skop


 Deur Abigail Henderson, Tsiamo Moroke en Juf. Pretorius


On Thursday evening our avid birders had the opportunity of going to Jessie Walton's farm to see two birds she is rehabilitating. We saw a Gymnogene, that she is about to release into the wild and a Jackal Buzzard that comes for supper every day. Thanks to Jessie for showing us these special birds.


We are very excited to have opened up our very own human foosball this week.  The opening game took place with the Grade 7's vs the teachers and as expected the Grade 7's won.  During the week the rest of the school took turns to play and had lots of fun. Prembroke House from Kenya joined our hockey girls for a game and loved it.







17 January (Wed) – 28 March (Wed)



17 April (Tues) – 15 June (Fri)



17 July (Tues) – 21 September (Fri)



9 October (Tues) – 12 December (Wed) 


ACVV will collect the bags at the end of February 2018. 

Dance Mouse

On Thursday's for pre-schoolers 12:30-1 and cost R495 per term.

Parents can enroll their kiddies online by using the link below.

Mariska Freyer - Helderberg Dance mouse - 082 7753 195


Promo link:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mujzf4p49pc&t=11s 

To Register click the link below:


1. Add person responsible for account.

2. Add dancer (right at the bottom of the page) if there is more than 1 dancer please add all dancers.

3. Add additional parent info, if both parents should want to receive information.

Remember to click the icon at the bottom of the page to agree to terms and conditions and hit register.

Looking for Accommodation

We are a young family of four urgently seeking a 3-bedroom cottage/house within a safe area in the town or farm within Elgin/Grabouw, preferably pet friend (as we home one dog). We would like to take occupation from March 2018 onwards.

Contact either Roxanne at 076 9551242 or Luan at 0732508029.



Please take note of the new uniform shop hours:

• Monday, Wednesday and Thursday:  08:30-10:00.

• You are also welcome to email orders to info@applewood.co.za.



• Please remember to use your MySchool card to help raise funds for our school. Herewith the          link to apply online – if you don’t have a card:  https://www.myschool.co.za/supporter/apply/