Individual Focus Applewood Primary School near Cape Town


Our Academics

In our vibrant, relaxed and happy primary school environment at Applewood, we grow children through understanding who they are and how they learn.  Their knowledge and skills are developed through inquiry learning and problem-solving opportunities which incorporate creative, critical and strategic thinking principles.  Their curriculum is augmented by relevant, hands-on learning experiences afforded by our unique country environment and the opportunities real-life learning in the Overberg and surrounding areas offer.

In Grade 7 (from Grade 6 in 2016) we use a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) programme to augment our already-rich curriculum.  Applewood is a Google School.  We use Google Classroom and the full range of Google Apps to offer the children the opportunity to enhance their learning using technology.  In Grade 6 the children follow the CS-First programme (another Google product) in computer coding in our computer lab.

We understand and manage the academic progress of our children through bi-annual testing of their mathematical, reading, spelling and comprehension (literal and inferential) ages relative to an agreed standard.  This way we can manage their individual learning appropriately and allow them to attempt mastery at their level before progressing.

We benchmark ourselves nationally in Grade 6 by being part of the Independent Examinations Board (IEB) Core Skills assessment process.  This assessment allows us to understand how our children fare when compared to a national standard.

If you would like your child to be grown as an individual and to be developed according to his or her academic strengths, you might want to visit us just outside of Cape Town.