Mountain2Coast ‘M2C’ – Outdoor Education

The Grade 7 group enjoyed six days of pleasure and a little pain on the annual Mountain to Coast (M2C).  My thanks to Mrs Moodie who has her “green number” this year – she has completed 10 M2C’s! Mr Hart and Miss van der Merwe also accompanied the children on what really is an unforgettable journey – described in more detail below by Hannah-Simone Lubbe:



Upon arrival at school we put our bikes on the day trippers trailer and left. We drove for 2 hours and finally got to Mr Moodie’s Dairy farm and got to taste delicious unprocessed milk. After that we left in 2 groups. We walked along the river for a long time which was fun as some of the rocks were slippery and that made the falls quite funny. At the Waterfall we had the ceremony where we took last year’s ocean water and poured it into the water and then filled the bottles up with the waterfall water. We walked through the forest until we got to Grootvadersbosch where we then pitched our tents and had a long shower after covering 7km.



The next day we left on our bikes and started to cycle, our group went first.  We realized that our group was really fast and at the stop we had to wait 10min. After the stop Miss L. swapped with Mr Brady and we cycled with her and she was quite fast. We stopped for lunch after conquering another big hill. We finally got to Mooigelegen where we slept and got to swim in a small swimming pool and learnt how to crack a whip, which was really cool and the man also told us a ghost story which wasn’t scary. We eventually went to bed after covering 25 km.


We left early that morning, the other group left first this time but we had to go slowly as they weren’t that fast. There were a lot of hills but they weren’t that big which was nice. We got to this hill where we all ran to the top and the view was really pretty from up there. After a while we got to Mr Porter’s plot next to the Breede river where we saw the sheep being sheared by hand. There was also a very cute kitten and we swam in the river. We went to bed after covering another 26km.


m2c 3

On Thursday we were put into groups of 2 with one girl and one boy, I was in a group with Vincent. We took the boats off the trailer and put them in the water.  We left and found that the rowing was easy. When we stopped we had an interesting experience with a territorial ostrich which was really funny.  After a while we got to where we would sleep that night, at the Stanford’s plot. We then pitched our tents, had lunch and got into the bus and drove to where we had started that morning, but to get there we had to cross the Breede River on the pont. On our cycle back we had to get up the hill nicknamed “biatch” which if we made it up without stopping we got a coke and in the end I did it. That night Mr Hart told us a scary ghost story which was quite cool. We finally fell asleep after covering 14km in the canoes and on the bicycles.



Day five was hard because of all the up and down hills and not small ones, BIG ones but it ended up being great fun. Day five is sort of a blur to me as the concentration and hope and excitement all sort of got to my head but one thing that I do remember was the feeling of seeing the ocean and then getting to cool off in its cool waters.  That night we had the ceremony where we poured out our waterfall water into the ocean and then filled up other bottles for next year.



Day six was literally the best as all we did is pull out aliens for 2 hours and had lunch at Kai’s mom’s B&B, which was AMAZING. But the best part was when we got home to see our families again but it was also the worst as it meant the end of M2C.