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Mountain2Coast – Outdoor Education

One of the most amazing parts of being in Grade 7 at Applewood Primary School in Elgin is the Mountain2Coast, outdoor education experience!  Rather than wax lyrical ourselves, we let the children share their stories…

Outdoor Education Applewood Private School Elgin

In touch with nature and each other on the Mountain2Coast experience

Outdoor Education

Appreciating the simple beauty of Nature

I loved the Mountain to Coast Experience!  I loved the ‘rush’ of putting down your tent, packing everything away, hopping on your bike, or in the boat, and cycling, or paddling, to your next destination.  Unpacking everything we needed and then setting up your tents, again. Repeating the same routine, I’m sure I could have done it in my sleep.  On day one, Bella and I had so much stomping and splashing in the river, with moo-cows. Singing animal sounds all the way there.  Day two, was cycling and I loved the scenery!  My favourite thing though, after a day of cycling, was seeing the Wessel’s farm turnoff.  Day three was cycling to the Breede River, where we bathed in the cold river. The next day we paddled down to the Breede River plot, I remember being so hungry from paddling.  I only had a packet of dried fruit, which I shared with Tom, they were the most delicious things ever – in the moment!


Outdoor Education Applewood Private School Elgin

Even our teachers brave the paddling

On day four, was the day of hills.  Yay!  We had to start on an uphill, and all I remember was singing ‘Oh Cecilia’ as my inspiration up all the hills.  Day five we cycled to Infanta, it was pretty cool! Being at Infanta was fun, I enjoyed exploring all the rock pools. Catching fishes, looking at starfishes and picking up crabs and letting them crawl on my hands. The highlight though, was the dolphins jumping in the water. That was pretty cool, and was one of my highlights of mountain to coast. Mountain to Coast will be defiantly be something that I will remember. I am so grateful for going on this amazing trip.  Leigh Gradwell

Outdoor Education

Exploring Nature


Mountain 2 Coast started till 9 May-14 May and we left Applewood at 6:30 am. It took 3 hours drive to arrive in Grootvadersbosch in the bus using Day Trippers which were transporting our bikes. On the 1st beautiful day we were at the Moodie’s Family Farm and we drank  fresh chocolate milk from a cow, walked around the ancient house and Keith Moodie told us about the old family history of their Moodie family. There was a  family museum and inside there was: old rifles and pistols, old tennis rackets, a big  rock collection and some war helmets that were dirty. It was interesting to know all about the Moodie’s and the house is 300 years old approximately. We hiked for 2 hours on the way to our small camping site which had freezing cold showers with lots of dreadful daddy long leg spiders.

On the 2nd cold morning we cycled to Mrs. and Mr. Wessels’ farm called Mooigelegen and we swam in the indoor pool inside their house and their Great Dane dog called Lulu was so excited to meet us and almost like killed us and it was Mother’s Day.

On the 3rd day we cycled quickly to Mr. and Mrs. Porter’s house and us boys played lekka rugby in hot sun and swam in the cold Breede River and we threw disgusting mud at each other and we had delicious lasagne for supper at night.

Outdoor Education

Cycling Mountain2Coast

On the 4th windy day we kayaked to Stanford’s plot at the Breede River near the Boathouse Restaurant and Pizzeria and the pont that we crossed the Breede.  After we arrived and were finished kayaking kilometers beyond kilometers in the cold Breede,we cycled back and got on the pont and crossed the Breede River and got back to the campsite with our bikes and we were very exhausted.

On the 5th day with lots of uphills we cycled on our last tiring day to Infanta and emptied our water bottles which we filled after last year’s Gr.7’s at the Waterfall at Grootvadersbosch and filled it again at Infanta for next year’s Gr. 7’s .

outdoor education

Returning last year’s sea water

On the last cold and misty day we left from Infanta and drove back to Applewood and got picked up by our parents and got sent home with some people sick by having a cold and having nausea.

M2C has been such a wonderful, amazing, effortful, tiring experience where you build friendships with people that you don’t get along with and it’s so fun so next Gr.7’s I shall tell you that you will enjoy every bit and moment of it. Thank you!!!  Juan Viljoen

outdoor education

Exhausted but Happy!